Social Leverage Letter | Issue #7

Rallying around Rally, Regulating Crypto, and Party Like it's 1999

Pete Weishaupt
October 17, 2021


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Exciting news for portfolio company Rally. The company was recently in the news announcing a $15M investment round led by Wheelhouse. Social Leverage is a seed investor, and we've continued to invest along the way.


Wall Street Journal Opinion

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, penned a WSJ op-ed calling for a new approach to regulating Crypto. He makes a case for clear rules of the road that allow for technological innovation and investment while giving the public and policy makers confidence that the markets are fair.


Panic with Friends

Collectibles are 'right now'; and it's just opened up to the masses. It feels like it's on a rocketship about to take off. There's big money looking for the best in class and finding their way back to historic rarities. That on-ramp now exists for everyone at Rally.


Jeff Bezos in 1999 Before the Dotcom Crash 

“It’s easy to predict there are going to be lots of successful companies born on the internet… It’s very hard to predict who those companies are going to be.”

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