Social Leverage Letter | Issue #6

Buzz around Beehiiv, Brand Value, AI, and Making Better Decisions

Pete Weishaupt
October 10, 2021


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Social Leverage is excited to have led the seed round in beehiiv, a platform that streamlines the ability to create, customize, scale, and monetize email newsletters. The company was founded by Morning Brew alums Tyler Denk, Benjamin Hargett, and Jake Hurd.

In fact, the SL Sunday Letter's are published using beehiiv. Click blow to read more... 


The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2021

The most valuable brand report has been ranking companies for over a decade, and some overarching factors have stood out as key contributors to brand value growth:

The big get bigger, marketing makes a difference, and make smart investments. Executing that strategy, and continually investing in ways that perpetuate your brand message are key.


Infinite Loops - Kevin Zatloukal — Machine Learning And Its Applications

Kevin is a Computer Scientist, part-time lecturer at Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, and research partner at OSAM. Our discussion with Kevin revolves around:

  • What is Machine Learning (ML)?
  • Biases in ML algorithms
  • Application of ML in medicine, markets, and sports.


Dean Buonomano: 3 Brain Tricks That Will Help You Make Better Decisions 

Our brain is the most complicated computational device in the known universe. It is the most complex device in the known universe. but it’s far from perfect.

How the brain makes decisions, of course, is a mystery—we don’t fully understand how the brain works or where our decisions come from—but we do have a simplifying rule, two systems within our brain; an automatic system and a reflective system that’s driving most of our decisions.

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