Social Leverage Letter | Issue #10

A Herd of Unicorns, Benchmarks, the Metaverse, and the Wonders of Web3

Pete Weishaupt
November 07, 2021

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Are there so many unicorns that they’re no longer unicorns? October added 43, bringing the total to 460 for 2021 so far. I’m guessing you could say we’ve gone from having heard of unicorns, to a massive herd of unicorns. In general, Crunchbase reports VCs invested $54 billion in 2,000 companies across the globe, up 84% from the same period last year.


Collaborative Fund

Morgan Housel lays out the differences in how we measure ourselves. Focus solely on the external, and it’s a never ending path of misery. Starting to focus on internal benchmarks will allow you to see how far you’ve come, relative to were you started.

New York Times

Meta appears poised to opening a series of retail stores as an entry into the metaverse. The stores will allow them to showcase devices like Meta Quest virtual reality headsets. While Apple as found success through retail locations; others, like Microsoft, have not.


TenOneTen Podcast

Catch Gary on the TenOneTen Ventures podcast where he lays out what it's like to be an entrepreneur and investor. With multiple exits, and hundreds of investments, Gary's seen a thing or two. Tip number one? Hire three AEs. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you come across a podcast with Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant, chances are it’s a worthy listen. But when Howard says “I have never listened to a podcast for two hours and I was just blown away and gave the podcast my full attention.” it’s probably a good idea to listen. Chris walks you through Web1, to Web2, to where we're at with Web3 in a "language we can all understand."

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